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Thermal Solar - Intro

solarheat1Solar water heating is a reliable and mature technology sometimes also referred to as ‘solar thermal’ technology. Norfolk Solar has been installing solar thermal systems for over 10 years typically bringing the following benefits to domestic and commercial users:

  • Norfolk Solar make it easy and are great value
  • Reduced fuel bills for hot water heating
  • Government incentives paid for domestic and commercial systems
  • Integrated and automated with existing heating system for reliable hot water production
  • Up to 65% of hot water energy consumption replaced with solar energy
  • Significant reduction in carbon emissions
  • Long and reliable service
  • Planning permission is usually not required but if it is Norfolk Solar have a fixed price service

A typical system involves:

  • The installation of panels – known as ‘collectors’ - on a roof that faces between east and west but as close to south as possible is preferable
  • A new hot water cylinder that includes a solar heat exchanger coil as well as a coil for the boiler - the new cylinder will be larger than a normal hot water cylinder to improve the efficiency of the system
  • A neatly packaged group of components such as valves, the solar pump and an electronic controller and the wires and pipes that run between components

Solar thermal systems don’t require full sunlight and so make a significant contribution even with the variable weather we have in the UK.

Please call us to discuss your project – we’re more than happy to offer free advice or a no obligation survey and quote. Click on the links above to find out more about this technology.

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