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Top 10 reasons for buying from Norfolk Solar:
1. No Salesman will call
2. Cut energy bills and help save the planet
3. Earn tax free money and sell energy back to your energy supplier
4. Add value to your home
5. Cheapest, fixed price system we have ever done
6. Fantastic return on investment
7. We are expecting electricity price rises this year
8. We provide finance
9. We'll even pay your VAT
10. We provide a money back GUARANTEE!

Do you qualify for our lowest ever priced system?

6 Panel 1.5 kW Solar PV System

Only £2,800 Inc VAT

Return on investment around £18,787

Average Annual Return of Income 22.84%

Lifetime return of income 570.96%

Avoided CO2 Emissions 16.44 Imperial Tons

(The above information is based on a south facing roof with 40 degree pitch, plus £600 annual electric bill @ 15 pence per kW. It is estimated that the customer will use 75% of the self generated electricity. All figures based on current Ofgem FIT rate from 1st April to 30th June 2016.)