Solar PV - Brands

At Norfolk Solar we offer a range of modules and inverters to suit virtually all projects. We only supply quality products made by manufacturers we believe in.

power1 Power One are an american company who are currently the second largest manufacturer of solar power inverters globally. The Power-One Aurora brand of renewable energy power inverters offer best-in-class performance and reliability.
schott1 Schott solar are a German company with more than 50 years of experience in the manufacturing of solar energy products and pride themselves in quality products, high energy yield and reliability.
hyundai1 Hyundai are a Korean company and one of the world’s leading electro systems electrical manufacturer and they are Korea’s largest green energy provider, you can depend on their quality and reliability.
jeton1 Jetion are a Chinese company who produce high efficiency solar panels. jetion have received the title of 'Jiangsu Hi-tech' and are listed among Chinese Top 50 Annual High Technology and High Development in two successive years of 2008 and 2009.
fronius1 Fronius is a well respected Austrian manufacturer which has been engaged in solar electronics since 1992, in particular in the development and production of grid-connected photovoltaic inverters and components for professional system monitoring.
sma1 SMA are a German company who are the world’s largest producers of solar inverters and monitoring systems for photovoltaic applications.
sunpower1 Sunpower are an American company who produce the highest-efficiency solar cells and solar panels, and the most advanced solar energy systems in the solar industry. Sunpower solar panels have the highest efficiency, reliability and performance of all photovoltaic solar panels. Sunpower modules are ranked 1st in the 2012 photon test for performance ratio.