Energy Saving Economiser - For clever boiler management

If you want a nice warm home or hot water when the winter arrives, your bills will increase as the boiler works harder.

Regular heating systems turn on exactly when you tell them to with no intelligent deviation. This can mean they burn fuel quickly to raise temperatures by one degree. This is very inefficient.

Your fuel is wasted as it reaches the right temperature and goes beyond what is needed by up to 3 degrees before switching off again.

However, if you use an intelligent boiler economiser your boiler usage can be reduced and you can save money. This is because it is far more accurate at knowing when to switch itself on, only starting to heat the water when necessary. It even monitors your home and learns how your home reacts to heat. It then uses this information to act more efficiently.

On warmer days it might switch on 15 minutes before the timer setting, sometimes 30 minutes before if it is a colder day.

As the economiser is more temperature sensitive, it is excellent at maintaining the right comfort level - and saving you money.

By using a household economiser, you could:

Save on your central heating and hot water bills - tests showed savings of 25% on average (according to manufacturers claims)
Be more friendly to the environment.
Make an excellent investment as it will pay for itself over time with the savings you make.
Your bills don't have go through the roof in the Winter time.

If you want to learn more about the household economiser and how you can save money by reducing your boiler usage, get in contact with us today.

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Note - this product are not MCS accredited technologies and do not enhance the performance of an accompanying PV or Thermal System.