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Biomass - Intro

biomass2Biomass is not new to the UK; many people already use wood stoves at home and in workshops. However, highly automated central heating boilers that use a variety of wood fuels are newer and are likely to become common place as part of the UK energy mix.

Norfolk Solar offer a range of the best biomass heating appliances and components from world leading manufacturers. Our technological expertise ensure we maximize the substantial potential benefits for our domestic and commercial customers;

  • Reduced utility bills for space heating
  • Reduced utility bills for hot water
  • Significantly reduced carbon footprint
  • Extremely reliable systems with low
    maintenance requirements
  • Guaranteed government incentives

Norfolk Solar is able to conduct detailed heat loss surveys. Using advanced energy modelling techniques we ensure your system is not over engineered or over priced. Norfolk Solar aim to provide the most efficient, robust and reliable system for each property guaranteeing each installation is a sound and long lasting investment.

Planning permission may be required if a new flue is installed through a roof – Norfolk Solar has a good value fixed price planning service if required

Compliance with the Clean Air Act is required in certain areas – ask Norfolk Solar for advice

A biomass boiler is ideally suited to buildings with existing radiator systems as they work at the same temperatures as oil or gas boilers. Biomass boilers can also work with under-floor heating and for industrial process energy requirements. The biomass system can be configured to load share with a gas or oil system for optimum economic performance or can be configured as a standalone boiler. 
There are a number of different types of biomass system – see How it Works for a description of each.

In the event of a complaint you can follow the RECC complaints procedure. Simply click on the RECC logo above to view.

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